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Jemstone is a development and communications consultancy .
Untainted information is the life-blood of a healthy society, enabling: participation, informed debate, evidence-based decision-taking and progress. We operate at every stage of this process: the flow of raw information, analysing and processing it, and disseminating it effectively.
We train journalists, media professionals and their managers: presenters at Al Jazeera, cartoonists at An Nahar, set designers at NileTV, investigative journalists in Yemen, economic correspondents in Palestine, heads of department at MENA.
We are consultants to media organisations: analysing training needs, managing change, developing web-sites, updating systems, investigating opportunities. And we work closely with the development community, advising on media strategy, lobbying and campaigning, stimulating debate, replicating good practice. 
We produce TV and video programmes, design and run web-sites, write articles, publish pamphlets, create audio features, circulate images and ideas.
We teach at universities; we run career development seminars; we explore key media issues; and we continue to research the links between good media, democracy and development. more>>
Jemstone is a network of over 1,500 journalists and media professionals mostly from Europe and the Middle East. It began in the early 1990s as an EU-funded project to increase media contacts and understanding and now is an independent, Dutch-registed ngo, Stichting JourNetwork and a UK-based consultancy, The Jemstone Network Ltd.

20 years after the EU's far-reaching decision to engage with its neighbours to the South, Jemstone's begun a drive to reconnect the 1,500+ members of its network. See

Lebanon -- media, identity and conflict

We have launched an open web-based discussion  of the outcomes of our media project in Lebanon.  Please join in and offer practical and ...

Jemstone moving back to Jordan
The decision has been taken.  Jemstone will relocate its main office from Amsterdam
to Jordan in 2014 and preparations are already underway...
The Arab Spring, new and mainstream media
Jemstone was invited to produce a panel discussion at !BC 2012 on the impact of user-generated content on coverage of the Arab Spring.  A follow-up for 2013 is planned. ...
Jemstone -- social development pioneers
While our main focus remains media consultancy and training, in the last few years we have been increasingly involved in community development work.  See;
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